Where Words Fail…Music Speaks

Friday, January 6, 2017

MPA Performance March 7

Upcoming After-School Chorus Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals for:         Music Performance Assessment

Concert Date:                        Tuesday, March 7th (field trip during the school day)

Rehearsal Dates: WEDNESDAY

January 25     2:30-4pm

February 1     2:30-4pm

February 8     2:30-4pm

February 15   12:30-2pm

February 22   2:30-4pm

March 1          2:30-4pm

Beginning Chorus: All after school rehearsals will count as an extra credit grade. In order to participate in MPA, you must attend ALL after school rehearsals. Failure to miss a rehearsal and you will not be allowed to participate.
Excused Absences: Emergencies only (ex.: car accident, death in the family). Email is required on the day of to aromero@dadeschools.net.  If sick, email is required the day of and a doctor’s note with the correct date upon return. No doctor’s note = not excused. Students in sports related activities must come see me, assignments will be required to make up for rehearsals.

**MPA is a field trip and therefore it is a privilege. **

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Assignments

January/ Feb is a busy month! 

1- Jan. 20- Superintendent's Honor's Festival Audition Recording
2- Jan. 25- Curriculum Fair 6-8:30 pm @ RRDSH
3- Feb. 1-2 - After School Auditions for Reagan Singers
4- Mar. 6-7- MPA @ RRDSH (Times TBA)

All Choir students must learn the music from the Superintendents Honors Festival Auditiona and submit a recording of their practice by Jan. 13 to reagansingers@gmail.com.

The audition piece and the parts to practice with are included here.

Audition Materials
Alto Part
Bass Part
Soprano 1 Part
Soprano 2 Part
Tenor Part

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Goals and Introductions

Our goals at Ronald Reagan are for our students to:
• develop an awareness, appreciation, and love of the music that surrounds them
• be capable of making music on their own
• develop an understanding of the cultural and historical context of music
• become well rounded individuals
• appreciate the value in the differences and similarities that exist in different genres of music
• be knowledgeable and use that knowledge to guide action
• be empowered and prepared for the world
• be capable of sharing ideas with others
• develop a love of learning and continue to learn throughout their lives

This handbook is designed to ensure the highest possible level of success for your student, regardless of their level. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: (305) 805-1900 ext 2273 or via email at ARomero@dadeschools.net

Mr. Juan Carlos Boué
Ms. Romero-Sardiñas
Chorus Director

Chorus Syllabus

The basic study of music is important for increasing the relevance of the school curriculum.  Education must concern itself with the art of living.  It must allow all students to build personal identity and self confidence while fostering a team spirit.  It must nurture creativity and productiveness.  A high quality choral music program can contribute to the achievement of these.

The purpose of choral classes is to provide, promote, and encourage interest and participation in music, specifically choral music for  mixed choirs.

The student should be able to sight-read music of a beginning level of difficulty.
The student should have knowledge of music theory such that he/she can figure out a new piece of music with a moderate amount of help from the director.
The student should be able to sing his/her part independently while other students sing their parts simultaneously.
The student should be able to interpret and connect the music to cultural and historical context.

Course Structure:
1st Semester
1)       How the voice works, what is a good sound, what is a bad sound?  Proper posture, breathing, and vowel formation
2)       Theory and Sight Singing fundamentals.
3)       Voice placements and types.
4)       Understanding scores in regards to phrasing, tempo, and dynamics.
5)       Different language based music will be introduced and developed.

2nd Semester
1)       All of the above will continue to be developed.
2)       Evaluation preparation, what is a good performance, what is a bad performance?
3)       How to create better performances.  Learning to blend with other voices, listening to each other,
4)       Historical understanding of music.
5)       Cultural understanding of music.
6)       Creating and putting on a performance, what goes into it?

                        A.         Performances/Exams                            45 % 
                        B.         Rehearsal attendance                              20 %
                        C.         Class Participation                                 20 %
                        D.        Written Assignments                              10 %
                        E.         Quarterly Exam                                      5 %
Grading Scale
            A          90-100
            B          80-89
            C          70-79
            D         60-69
            F          59-below

            Music Fee                                $4

If a student is absent more than 9 times throughout the course of the year, the student will not be allowed to perform.  This could result in lowering of the students' grade.
If a student is tardy more than 19 times throughout the course of the year, the student will not be allowed to perform. This could result in lowering of the students' grade.

Class Room Set Up and Expectations

Classroom Etiquette

1) Be Prompt- at your assigned seat before the bell rings.
2) Be Prepared- have your materials (pencils/paper) and music with you at all times.
3) Be Respectful- Take care of your space. Food/Drink should be eaten before class, not during class.
4) Be Engaged- learn your music and perform for grades at the appropriate time.
5) Be a Leader- keep moving forward with your music performance and learning


1) Verbal Warning
2) Lowering of grade
3) Detention
4) Referral

1) Notebook
2) Paper (regular and Staff)
3) Pencils/Pens

Required Performances

Concerts and Rehearsals are MANDATORYIf there is an issue, teacher must be informed at least 4 weeks in advance to make proper accommodations for student. 

November TBA- Chorus Dinner
December TBA- Winter Concert
*March 6-7- Music Performance Assessment @ Ronald W. Reagan/Doral Sr. High
*May TBA- Senior Showcase
Dates in Bold are required.  Dates with an * are optional.